Skills for Calmer Kids

This short, on demand course is for those interested in learning about mindfulness and ways to introduce it to children. It is suitable for parents, school teachers and other professionals working with children including yoga and mindfulness teachers.  

No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation is necessary to attend.

Course Information

The course consists of four hours of lectures including videos, audio, and audio-visual presentations. There are handouts and quizzes to support and test your learning.  

In this course you will learn:

  • What is mindfulness
  • How to explain it to children
  • The benefits for all ages 
  • Developing your own practice first 
  • Ways to maintain a practice 
  • Simple neuroscience
  • Mindful movement activities  
  • Breath awareness activities 
  • Creative mindfulness activities 
  • Mindful relaxation


I just wanted to say big thank you for the course. It was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting and I am already putting much of what I learned into pracitce. 

Lorna , Mindfulness Teacher

Thank you for such a wonderful course. I really have thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to put it into practice :)

Urvi, Parent

Thank you for a fantastic course. I feel very inspired and excited to share these wonderful ideas with children (and adults!)

Sarah, Primary Teacher

Boy meditating with singing bowl

Calmer Classroom

Develop your own mindfulness practice as a teacher as well as learning tools and techniques to clear a calmer, happier classroom.

Mother and daughter meditating

Calmer Family Life

Learn ways to integrate mindfulness into your family's daily routine and create a calmer, happier and less stressful home environment.

Sensory mindfulness exercise for kids.

Calmer Skills

If you are a SEN teacher, therapist or working with children in a professional capacity you will learn self soothing and emotion regulation skills to give to your students.

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